Associations and Advocacy Groups

COMTO National:

Founded in 1971 in Washington, D.C., the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials was created to provide a forum for senior level minority professionals in the transportation industry. Since its inception, COMTO has continued to evolve to become the premier organization for the training, education and professional development of minority transportation professionals.

University Transportation Centers (UTC) Program

The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st century (TEA-21), enacted on June 9, 1998, authorized up to $194.8 million for grants to establish and operate up to 33 University Transportation Centers (UTC) throughout the U.S. in FY 1998-2003. Ten of these centers, which are designed as Regional Centers, were selected by competition in 1999. The other 23 UTCs are located at universities named in TEA-21. After a limited competition among the named universities in FY 2002, the program will comprise 26 centers. All UTCs are required to match federal funds dollar for dollar.

American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

APTA serves and leads its diverse membership throughout advocacy, innovation and information sharing to strenghten and expand public transportation.

Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS)

Founded in 1977, the WTS was created through the efforts of 40 women involved in transportation in the Washington, D.C. area who recognized that a mechanism was needed to enhance professional and personaladvancement and to develop industry and government recognition of the increasing involvement of women in the field of transportation.

Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC)

Founded in 1934, the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group of business and civic leaders committed to serving the public interest through the promotion and implementation of sensible planning and development policies necessary for a world-class Chicago region. MPC conducts policy analysis, outreach and advocacy in partnership with public officilas and community leaders to improve equity of opportunity and quality of life throughout metropolitan Chicago.

National Alliance of Public Transportation Advocates (NAPTA)

NAPTA is a national organization representing local transit coalitions who support increasing federal investment in public transportation

Young Professionals in Transportation

YPT-Chicago was founded in March 2012 for young professionals in the Chicago area.  We aim to provide career guidance, fellowship, and networking opportunities for young professionals in the transportation field through free talks by leaders in the field, technical tours, happy hours, and other events.  Our Board and other members of our leadership represent a diverse group of young transportation professionals and students from across the transportation spectrum in both the private and public sector.